4 things I learned on day 1 on A3C

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September 20, 2016
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October 16, 2016

4 things I learned on day 1 on A3C


1. Hip Hop is no where near dead. The amount of truly talented artists that are grinding their way to the top is endless and they are coming from ALL over the country. I took part in a showcase that had about 12 acts on the bill and they were ALL dope and came from Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Florida, DC and of course Atlanta. Each act had its own signature sound and repped their region heavily.

2.  Artists need to work on their grind as much as their music. I was the only artist at my showcase with a certified merch table complete with T-Shirts, CDs and business cards. Artists should try to stand out in anyway possible. I take as much time to setup my merch situation as I do my show set.

3. A3C has dope sound systems. Feels good to not have to scream and lose my voice to perform. Thumbs up.

4. D. Horton and Cap 6 are two acts you need to check out. These guys were extra dope. D. Horton’s voice sounds like he’s channeling Andre 3000, but he has his own original style. He’s from Mississippi and blessed the crowd with incredible lyrics. Check him out here:

Cap 6 is the 2016 version of the Heiroglphics. They are a crew of 6 emcees with a hype dj. They have a great stage show and great taste in beats. Check them out here:

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