5 Things Hip Hop Needs to Leave in 2017

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5 Things Hip Hop Needs to Leave in 2017


There are three  more weeks left in one of the most tumultuous years in the history of this planet (is that too dramtic?).We have lost so many great people, and some of the most unpredictable events have taken place in the world of entertainment, sports, and of course politics. With that being said, there are a few things in my humble opinion that do not need to follow us across the threshold of 2018.

Poorly Thrown Shows – It seems to get worse and worse every year. Maybe the advent of of online show promotion has something to do with it, but it seems promoters are no longer pushing the envelope to try to get people to come out to shows anymore. I’ve had more than a few artist buddies of mine tell me how disappointed they have been lately with the lackluster turnouts to shows. Actual street promo has slowly been replaced with the convenience of simply sending Facebook invites and in a lot of cases  those shows fall flat on their face. Let’s leave this wack formula in 2017 and start drumming up better ideas to pack the house out.

Weak Beat Videos – I understand that Instagram and Facebook is a great way to get your beats out there, but here’s the problem. If you aren’t a beast of a producer like say a Nottz, your beats are NOT going to bang properly on a video and not at the same quality of simply uploading that beat to Soundcloud or Youtube so we all can really hear the full mix. Of course if you have success at this and are gaining a following, by all means continue, but if your vids are WEAK, leave in 2017.

Complaining about the State of Hip Hop – This can be entire book by itself, but I will cut to the chase. Hip Hop is in a great space if you are a true enthusiast. Its impossible to not find dope Hip Hop from seasoned veterans to new acts. Its all over the place.  You can literally discover a new GREAT Hip Hop album everyday if you wanted to, and with streaming services there is no excuse about not hearing anyone’s album anymore. Let’s leave the “Hip Hop is Dead” mentality in 2017.

Loving An Album for A Weekend – Now with the fact we have so much music at our finger tips, it has made us somewhat fickle about truly appreciating and album from front to back and enjoying and promoting it for more than just a couple days. We love to get that first listen and screenshot that iTunes page we are listening from and sharing on social media, but it seems the buzz is always short-lived. And perhaps the artists are to blame. Major artists are not putting much effort into promoting albums anymore. They don’t release as many videos and the ones they do are not as big budget as they once were. Album promo time has shortened to a max of 2 weeks from major artists, and that’s if they don’t just drop a surprise album.  Let’s leave the under appreciation of albums in 2017.

Beef between the “New” Generation and the “Golden Era” Generation – This was the year of Generation X verse Generation Next. Shots were fired, articles were written, and interviews were conducted that seemed to promote a social divide between the demographics. All in all the conversation was something the culture needed, because the issue had become an elephant in the room. Legends spoke their peace, and some of the new school cats had their say. GREAT. I find nothing wrong with this at all, I just think that now that its been put on the table, we should leave it there and move on to make more unbelievable music. Let’s leave the beef in 2017.

2018 is going to bring music we have never heard. As always us artists will challenge ourselves to bring the heat and keep our counterparts on their toes. The best way to do that is to trim the fat. Lets leave it in 2017.

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