Attention: All Black Super Bowl Viewers

No Tomorrow [Official Video]
January 6, 2018
Apathy – I Keep On (feat. Pharoahe Monch & Pete Rock)
February 5, 2018

Attention: All Black Super Bowl Viewers


New year new us. You had to know this was coming. I am working on new music (which is coming soon), but I could not help but stop and take time out to chop it up with my brothers and sisters in this digital paradise we call social media and address the elephant, rhinoceros, and giraffe that will be entering all of our living rooms this Sunday evening.

After spending an exhausting 20 weeks of “protesting” and “boycotting” the National Football League’s regular season and playoff television schedule, we, with the timing of a Dave Chapelle punchline, slide ride back onto to the saddle to help celebrate the annual football holiday known as the Super Bowl, or the Big Game.

I am not here to point fingers nor to preach. I’m here to simply get on my Kermit and sip the sweet tea. How fitting. Once again, when given the perfect opportunity to let our voices be heard and our financial influence be felt we do one thing we do best, chill in the comfort zone. The most important and most highly watched single television event of the year will have us at its full attention.

Why were we boycotting again? Oh yeah. Colin Kaepernick. The guy who who couldn’t find a job he was obviously qualified for. And then once our unqualified president stuck his nose in it and called everybody “sons of bitches,” Colin’s “colleagues” finally decided to step up and kneel down as well (which was an even better joke).

We as a people are great, blessed, and talented beyond our wildest dreams, but one thing that will continue to make or break us is one thing, OUR TIMING. If we are going to practice an abbreviated-style protest let’s try doing it at the most effective time. Or at least see the mission out to the end…OH WELL.

So enjoy the game everyone. I know we are powerless to the traditional machine. Eat, drink and be merry.  But if you would like to stick to your militant guns, make sure to catch up on Atlanta House Wives and Married to Medicine instead of watching Justin Timberlake moonwalk across the fifty yard line.


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