Vice Souletric

April 29, 2015

“Am I Racist?”

During these times of civil unrest and so many people stating their opinions about race and whatnot, it is sometimes best to look at ourselves first to see where we stand in the  mix. This brief and simple quiz is made up of some questions I decided to ask myself to determine whether or not I am a hypocrite. Try it yourself and see what the results are!   [mlw_quizmaster quiz=2]
April 28, 2015

A few very ironic facts about Baltimore, aka “Charm City”

There is nothing wrong with learning a little something every now and then. I realized B-More is one of few East Coast towns I have visited so I dug up some interesting facts about the city that is going through incredible civil unrest. • Reginald F. Lewis, the first black owner of a billion dollar company, was born in Baltimore. The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History is named in his honor. It is the largest museum of its kind on the East Coast. • Billie Holiday, the jazz singer, was born in Baltimore. A monument in […]
April 28, 2015

Jay, if you would have done these 3 things, Tidal would appear to be Winning

I have always been a huge Jay-Z fan. Quiet is kept he is the reason I decided to give rhyming a try myself. The man is a genius on AND off the mic. He had enough foresight to know that his music days would not last forever, and that he would have to take over the business world in order to become the lasting tycoon he desired to be. Jay has tackled alcohol, sports management, clothing, club owning, and the list goes on. Now Jay finds himself in the in the midst of perhaps his greatest challenge, which could have […]
April 17, 2015

Vice Souletric – “DEAD MAN’S CURVE” Freestyle [VID] @vicegotbeats

I’m rolling through the 216 spitting a fresh new 16. ‘Vice For President EP’ is out now! Purchase via iTunes or Google Play HERE: