Vice Souletric

April 5, 2015

Vice Souletric – Troublesome LIVE Performance [VID]

The United Grind Society’s own Vice Souletric and HiJinks rock the stage in Cleveland, Ohio, a part of the Pete Rock Slum Village Tour stop.
April 3, 2015

Vice Souletric – Treadmill Lifestyle ft. G.Huff & REKS

Many times, it can feel like we’re living a Treadmill Lifestyle. You think you’re moving forward, but as you take a look around you realize you’re caught in the same position. Ohio producer and emcee Vice Souletric is here to break that cycle over his own boom bap backdrop, and calls on a couple of more-than-capable lyricists in longtime collaborator G. Huff and and Boston veteran Reks for assistance. Treadmill Lifestyle is the third leak off of Souletric’s upcoming debut EP, Vice for President, set to drop April 7 via United Grind.
April 3, 2015

Vice Souletric/@ViceGotBeats – “Hate Myself”

Why is it easier to tear someone down than it is to build them up? In truth, our differences should be celebrated; there’s no reason to segregate ourselves because of how we look, what we believe, or how we view the world. Unfortunately, this message isn’t passed onto the youth as often as it should, which in turn makes the world a more hateful place. And while society may chastise African Americans for not fitting to a set series of characteristics, Vice Soulectric will stand up and refute those claims. “Hate Myself,” which is beautifully shot in a snowy cemetery, […]
March 21, 2015


We’ve been lied to. The “land of the free and the home of the brave” may have been true at one point in American history, but the mantra couldn’t be any farther from the truth today. The media has painted a picture of minorities as criminals to be feared. Law enforcement comb the streets, often acting as judge, jury and executioner, to those who have no affiliation with criminal activity. It’s this very behavior that destroying the bedrock of our country, and the notion of liberty. Leading the pack in fighting for what’s right are Vice Soulectric, and Guilty Simpson […]