Vice Souletric

November 11, 2016

Which Emcee has the Best Ear for Beats in Hip Hop?

Beats are a crucial element to any Hip Hop track. Most times it is a make or break element to not only the song, but how we view and value the artist using it. Over the span of Hip Hop music there have been several classics made that stand squarely on the shoulders of the beat alone. Sometimes the artist can actually take a backseat to the beat. I’m not going to place any examples as to not offend any of my favorite artists, BUT IT HAPPENS. So who has the best ear for beats? Which artists always seem to […]
October 29, 2016

[Hip Hop Head Poll] Will the final ATCQ album truly mark the end of an era?

I was on Instagram Thursday evening scrolling through a myriad of memes, ratchedness, quotes and videos. I kept scrolling past a the same white image with graph style writing on it maybe 20 times before it hit me to take a second to actually stop and see what this is everyone was posting. Well here it is if you have been sleeping under a rock (or just a Hip Hop fiend such as myself). Hip Hop fans throughout the world rejoiced at the news that the darling group of the 90s, A Tribe Called Quest, was returning with one more […]
October 22, 2016


I recently visited Atlanta for the annual A3C Hip Hop Conference. For those of you who are not familiar, it is a five day event that includes great workshops, networking and artist performances throughout the entire week. Thousands of artists converge on downtown Atlanta and of course, almost all of them spend time passing out their music in various formats (mainly and surprisingly, still CDs). Well this year me and my homie HiJinks decided to actually listen to EVERY SINGLE CD we were passed. Yep, thats right we did it. In between our stops through out the week we popped […]
October 16, 2016

Vice Souletric – 90’s Sumthin ft. HiJinks [VIDEO]

Vice Souletric returns with the visuals for 90’s Sumthin’, the infectious boom bap single off his latest album, “Vice For President 2 – There’s NoTomorrow Til You Wake Up”. Vice enlists HiJinks to turn back the clock to 90s style Hip Hop. The duo pay homage to the music and culture of the 1990s over dirty drums and horns influenced by Hip Hop greats such as Pete Rock and DJ Premier. Vice says, “The 90s will always be the Golden Era of Hip Hop for several reasons. I wanted to recreate a 90s style video by incorporating the barbecue scene […]