Vice Souletric

October 6, 2016

4 things I learned on day 1 on A3C

1. Hip Hop is no where near dead. The amount of truly talented artists that are grinding their way to the top is endless and they are coming from ALL over the country. I took part in a showcase that had about 12 acts on the bill and they were ALL dope and came from Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Florida, DC and of course Atlanta. Each act had its own signature sound and repped their region heavily. 2.  Artists need to work on their grind as much as their music. I was the only artist at my showcase with a […]
September 20, 2016

How to land Dope features with an Indie budget

One of the first things new followers and supporters ask me once they hear my music is how I was able to pull off the list of features on my latest album, Vice For President 2: There’s No Tomorrow Til You Wake Up.  It definitely is a strong selling point for the project, and was not easy to pull off. There is a specific way, you as an independent artist should go about reaching out to professionals to be a part of your project. Here goes some game: 1. Do your research – It is critical that you have a strong […]
September 16, 2016


Hip Hop used to be a genre of music that thrived off of its groups. From Run DMC, The Beastie Boys to Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, Wu-Tang, B.O.N.E. and Outkast, groups were the main contributors to the culture. These groups developed cult followings, and consisted of diverse talent. At the top of the millennium it seemed as if the group had become an endangered species in Hip Hop. One group that carried the torch was a trio out of North Carolina aptly named “Little Brother,” because they served as the little brother to the previous tradition of truly great, Native […]
September 10, 2016

@GoinInPodcast Interview with Vice Souletric

During my last trip to Pittsburgh I had the opportunity to sit down with Dave from Goin’ In for a very dope interview. We discussed everything from Lil Uzi to Kanye’s moving stage.