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September 10, 2016
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September 20, 2016



Hip Hop used to be a genre of music that thrived off of its groups. From Run DMC, The Beastie Boys to Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, Wu-Tang, B.O.N.E. and Outkast, groups were the main contributors to the culture. These groups developed cult followings, and consisted of diverse talent. At the top of the millennium it seemed as if the group had become an endangered species in Hip Hop. One group that carried the torch was a trio out of North Carolina aptly named “Little Brother,” because they served as the little brother to the previous tradition of truly great, Native Tongue style Hip Hop.

Little Bother had always been a favorite of me and my homie HiJinks, who also were in the beginning stages of our rap careers as a group named Play Havoc. We could always relate to the group because we were also average Joes, so to speak, with an ear for boom bap beats along with clever lyrics at the ready at ALL times.

Fast forward to 2016, and as I am etching out the tracklisting for Vice For President 2, I decided to reach out to one-half of Little Brother, Rapper Big Pooh. I was putting together a track titled, “E-I-O” featuring HiJinks and I could think of no better way to complete this song than with an appearance from one of the artists we idolized. I previously had hooked up Big Pooh with some artwork for a couple of his past releases so we already knew each other. He was down to drop a 16 for the track and the rest is dope history. After he dropped his verse, I ended up creating an entirely new beat for the song that had a much more mellow feel than the original. I felt it gave the record the Native Tongue feel I wanted to add to that particular part of the album.

Many people tell me this is their favorite song on the album, and I hope to shoot a video for it soon!

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