[BEHIND THE TRACK] Why I Wrote ‘Return of The Black Man’

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November 11, 2015
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[BEHIND THE TRACK] Why I Wrote ‘Return of The Black Man’


As artists and musicians we always have to fight to discover that sweet spot. The sweet spot being the perfect blend of creativity, relevance and infectiousness. When coming up with the concept of this song it was of course during a time of unrest in the African American community. The turmoils of 60s seemed to rear its ugly head once again, and in an age where no one can hide from social media scrutiny, the issue is inflated 100 fold. So as usual, I took an ugly situation and attempted to make something beautiful.

I had this song completed a month before Macklemore dropped “White Privilege,” so when I heard his song, it was affirmation that “Return of The Black Man” was needed. It was necessary to create a true Hip Hop Banger instead of simply standing on a soap box. And more than that, it was necessary for the revolution to come from the revolter himself. Not that there’s anything wrong with someone admitting they are a apart of the problem, I just wanted me Kweli, Huff and Will Blaze to set the record all the way straight -“Straight from the horses mouth” as they say.

It was an honor to work with a legend such as Kweli and to share the canvas with Huff. Will Blaze’s amazing vocals were the final touch added to this incredible piece of art. Hip Hop has been and will forever be story of the Black American experience. Though it may had lost its way, we are bringing it back. Its the Return.

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